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HWE ShowDown Results, Jan. 16, 2019: Chambers Ruins Silva's Championship Celebration

HWE ShowDown Results January 16, 2019, LIVE! from the HWE Arena in Brooklyn, N.Y.

From ringside, Todd Brown and Michael Sanders welcomed everyone to the premiere of HWE ShowDown as “Broken Generation” by Of Mice and Men played, and the camera zoomed across sections of cheering fans. Brown and Sanders discussed the incredible WrestleTopia (RESULTS) pay-per-view on Sunday, specifically Alfonso Silva escaping with the HWE Championship after getting himself disqualified. Brown said that Corey Chambers was furious, but in spite of that Silva had a “Championship Celebration” planned for tonight. Sanders noted that the HWE International Championship would be defended tonight, as new champion Ezra Jax would defend against former champion Deelon Mack.

Corey Chambers came to the ring and took a microphone. Chambers said that he'd cut the crap and said he wanted HWE Champion Alfonso Silva in the ring right now so he could kick his ass all over the building. The crowd exploded, but after a few seconds of nothing happening, Chambers said that if Silva didn't come to him, he'd go find Silva. A few more moments passed, and Chambers went to leave the ring when Ramsay “Iron Man” Steele's music hit. Steele made his way to the ring, as from ringside, Todd Brown noted that Steele became the number-one contender to the HWE Championship by winning a 3-way match at WrestleTopia. Steele took a microphone and said that Chambers could be as pissed off as he wanted, but reminded Chambers that there was one man with the right to an HWE Title match and it was him. Chambers said, “You may well be the number-one contender, but I ain't waiting in no line. So, listen up: That son of a bitch screwed me out of the title on Sunday and I'm gonna kick his ass and take it from him. And, if you're gonna stand in my way, I'll go through you as well.” The crowd exploded as Chambers and Steele went nose-to-nose. But Steele smirked, took one step back, and said, “You know what, you go after Alfonso Silva and the HWE Title. Because the way I see it I'm gonna have far more fun tearing your head off than I would his, anyway. See you soon, Corey.” Steele left the ring as Chambers watched on. Suddenly, HWE Champion Alfonso Silva appeared behind Chambers and attacked him. Silva locked Chambers in the sharpshooter and Chambers screamed in agony as referees appeared to get Silva off of him.

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During the break, referees attempted to help Corey Chambers from the ring but he refused to be helped and limped to the back of his own accord. Back in the arena, Cedric White & Evan Alexander came to ringside to do commentary, as Todd Brown and Michael Sanders reviewed footage of the pair defeating DISORDER at WrestleTopia to earn an HWE Tag Team Title shot.

HWE Tag Team Champions Deep South Destruction (Jake Tarver & Johnny Fury) defeated Conrad Williams & Logan Young in 5:26 by pinfall following the Baldwin Blues to Young in a non-title match. After the match, Tarver and Fury took microphones. Tarver congratulated White and Alexander on becoming number-one contenders but said that they were in for a rude awakening. Fury said that White and Alexander's fairytale story would come to a crashing halt at the hands of Deep South Destruction. White and Alexander got up from the commentary booth, entered the ring and stepped to Tarver and Fury, who relented and left the ring while hoisting the titles into the air.

Backstage, Billie Romero interviewed “The Brazilian Brawler” Livia about coming up short against HWE Women's Champion Harley Clay at WrestleTopia. Livia said that she was disappointed, but it wouldn't stop her getting up and trying again. Madison Hammer appeared and said that if she'd had a shot at the title like Livia did, she wouldn't have choked. Hammer said that Livia should've crawled under a rock in embarrassment and should make way for someone who could actually win the Title. Livia said that Hammer didn't look like a winner when she was tapping to Serena Bates' Serena Lock on Sunday, adding that she looked more like Bates' bitch. Hammer said she was no-one's bitch and would prove it by beating Bates tonight, before slapping Livia in the face. A brawl erupted which officials rushed in to break up.

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“The Hunter” Chris Jackson defeated Orlando Young in 7:11 by submission following the Hunter's Curse. After the match, as Jackson celebrated, a vignette aired on the HeadlineTron. “The Crown Prince” Elijah Davenport was sat on a deck chair drinking champagne as he looked out over an expansive lawn. Davenport welcomed everyone to Davenport Manor, and said that he was interrupting this “unimportant” part of the show to give everyone the news they'd been waiting for. Davenport announced that next week, HWE fans' dreams would come true when he makes his grand debut on HWE ShowDown. Davenport toasted himself before the screen faded. Back in the ring, Jackson looked displeased as he left the ring.

A vignette aired of “The Deacon of Destruction” Deelon Mack sat in a dark corner of the arena. Mack said, “On Sunday, Ezra Jax defiled my International Championship when he took it from me. Everybody cheered him on and celebrated as if it was a glorious occasion. But, you see, that's where those who celebrated will be proven wrong. They will be punished. There's only one way in this world and it's Deelon Mack. I am the truth. I am the light. And tonight Ezra Jax will feel the full force of my wrath. He will see how powerful my message is and how far it spreads. Brother Ezra, your day of reckoning has come.” Mack laughed maniacally as the screen faded.

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HWE International Champion Ezra Jax defeated “The Deacon of Destruction” Deelon Mack in 12:41 by disqualification, retaining the HWE International Championship as a result. The end of the match came when Jax was setting Mack up for a spear and, out of nowhere, two men in light grey outfits with symbols on them appeared and attacked Jax. From ringside, Todd Brown questioned who these men were and why they were there. They put the boots to Jax before holding him while Mack, who'd returned to his feet, took a microphone. Mack said, “I promised you your day of reckoning, brother Ezra. Meet my students, brother Jakob and brother Joseph. Two men who know that I am the truth, who will not allow me to be besmirched by anybody. They also know that you're a thief, brother Ezra, and they're here to help me take back what's mine.” Mack picked up the International Championship and looked at it. Jakob and Joseph threw Ezra into Mack, who hit him with the title. Mack, Jakob and Joseph stood over Jax as the fans booed heavily.

Backstage, Kaida Sano approached “The Outlier” Serena Bates as she warmed up for her match. Sano congratulated Bates on becoming number-one contender to the HWE Women's Championship, and suggested that when Bates won the title they could face one another. Bates thanked Sano, said she'd love to face her and walked away. Sano then walked into a room where, out of nowhere, “The Kyoto Crippler” Yuku Teshima attacked her. Teshima threw Sano into a wall before putting the boots to her. Following a primal scream, Teshima dragged Sano to her feet and bodyslammed her onto a bench. Teshima stormed away as Sano writhed in agony and, from ringside, Todd Brown questioned what had come over Teshima.

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“The Outlier” Serena Bates defeated Madison Hammer in 11:59 by submission when Hammer submitted to the Serena Lock. During the match, from ringside, Todd Brown and Michael Sanders discussed Bates winning a 4-way match at WrestleTopia, submitting Hammer, to become number-one contender to the HWE Women's Championship. After the match, the referee raised Bates hand. Suddenly, Bates was attacked from behind by HWE Women's Champion Harley Clay. Clay put the boots to Bates, picked up the championship and waited as Bates got to her feet before blasting her in the head. Clay stood over Bates, title raised, as the fans booed.

Backstage, Vincent Crashman approached “The Trendsetter” Cody Olson as he admired himself in the mirror. Crashman asked Olson about facing Adam Stark tonight. Olson scoffed and said that his worst nightmare had come true because he had to wrestle a man who was so unstylish it made him physically ill. Olson said that Stark wouldn't be allowed within fifty feet of the kind of parties Olson attends, and shouldn't be allowed within fifty feet of him, either. Olson said that he'd make his win over Stark quick before Olson was disowned by his peers, and walked away.

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From ringside, Todd Brown and Michael Sanders reviewed footage from HWE WrestleTopia on Sunday in which, moments after eliminating Connor Quinn in the 3-way number-one contenders match, Kenny Kidd was assaulted by Quinn with a chair and busted open after being thrown into the ring post. Brown noted that Kidd was rushed to the emergency room where he was examined by doctors. The wound on Kidd's forehead was stapled up and he was diagnosed with severe bruising before being discharged from hospital the next morning. Brown said that Kidd had been ordered to rest and wasn't at ShowDown tonight but was expected back shortly. Brown called Quinn a sore loser and a reprehensible human being. Suddenly, though, Quinn was seen walking down the ramp. He made his way towards the booth and got in Brown's face, asking if Brown had something to say. Brown pleaded not be hurt, but Quinn grabbed him by the lapels. Sanders tried to calm Quinn down and was shoved away as Quinn dragged Brown into the ring. Quinn took a microphone and said, “You're a big man behind your headset, huh? You wanna call me a sore loser, huh? Now look at ya – begging me not to hurt you. Piss running down your leg. You're a pathetic little man. You're gonna learn not to talk crap about Connor Quinn.” Quinn wrenched Brown to his feet and shoved him into the corner as the crowd exploded. Ozerov ran down the ramp, pulled Quinn off of Brown and hit him with several right hands before sending him into the ropes. Quinn bailed under the bottom rope and backed off up the ramp as Ozerov made sure Brown was okay and dared Quinn to come to fight.

Backstage, “The Ice Man” Silas Sullivan watched Ozerov on a monitor with a big smile on his face.

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“The Trendsetter” Cody Olson defeated Adam Stark in 8:02 by pinfall following a roll-up with his feet on the ropes. After the match, Olson celebrated as Stark tried to explain to the referee what had happened.

A vignette aired for the forthcoming debut of “The Loch Ness Mauler” Brodie Wolfe. Wolfe was shown dominating and brutalizing opponents, many of whom had to be helped from the ring. Wolfe himself spoke during the vignette and said, “The era of smiling faces and kissing babies on television is over. Brodie Wolfe is coming... and it's going to be very unpleasant.”

Backstage, HWE Champion Alfonso Silva made his way towards the ring with a massive smile on his face.

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In the ring, a cloth was draped over a large rectangular object. Balloons were tied to the ropes, a band sat ready at ringside, and a waiter stood in the corner holding a tray of champagne. HWE Champion Alfonso Silva's music hit and he made an exaggerated entrance. Silva took a microphone and said that whether anyone liked it or not, he was the HWE Champion and would be for a long time. Silva said that Corey Chambers wasn't worthy of another title shot and would never get another one. Silva said that he'd already restored glory to his home country of Mexico by becoming the first HWE Champion, and now he'd show these fat American, slobs how to be more like him in order to be the change America really needs. Silva continued that there was one last thing needed to commemorate his historic championship reign. He ripped the cloth off of the object, revealing a portrait of him with the HWE Championship on his shoulder. As the fans booed, Silva took a glass of champagne from the waiter and toasted himself as the “first and greatest HWE Champion in history.” As Silva gulped his drink, Corey Chambers' music hit. The crowd exploded as Chambers ran to the ring, hobbling on the leg Silva injured earlier. Chambers speared Silva down, hammering him with right hands before getting off. As Silva regained his bearings and returned to his feet, Chambers grabbed the portrait of Silva and hit Silva over the head with it before blasting him with the Corey Cutter. Chambers then grabbed one glass of champagne and downed, before grabbing another one and pouring it on Silva as the crowd exploded. Chambers left the ring, Silva laying unconscious on the mat, as the show came to an end.

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