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HWE ShowDown Results, Jan. 30, 2019: Silva and Quinn lay waste to Chambers and Kidd

HWE ShowDown Results Jan. 30, 2019, LIVE! from the HWE Arena in Brooklyn, N.Y.

From ringside, Todd Brown and Michael Sanders welcomed everyone to the premiere of HWE ShowDown as “Broken Generation” by Of Mice and Men played and the camera panned across sections of cheering fans. They discussed the HWE WrestleTopia pay-per-view last Sunday, in which Corey Chambers became the new HWE Champion, defeating Alfonso Silva in the main event. Brown mentioned that “The Oklahoma Pitbull” Kenny Kidd earned the right to challenge for the HWE Title at HWE Fallout by beating Connor Quinn earlier that night, and noted that Kidd and Chambers would meet tonight for a contract signing ahead of the match. Sanders said he had it on good authority that both Silva and Quinn were furious and would be here tonight as well.

In the ring, ring announcer Robin Leyva introduced new HWE International Champion Elijah Davenport, who sauntered to the ring with his wife, Dakota, on his arm. Davenport said that he did what he said he'd do at HWE WrestleTopia by defeating Ezra Jax to become HWE International Champion, adding that he and Dakota celebrated “all night long.” He said that he had to have a few backstage personnel fired because the confetti and fireworks that went off during Corey Chambers' celebration were supposed to be for him, and apologised to the crowd that they didn't get to celebrate his victory as they wanted to on Sunday. The crowd booed, but Davenport ignored them and said that he wouldn't let his “billions” of fans down, adding that it was time to celebrate his victory in style before calling for the confetti and fireworks. Suddenly, “The Groundbreaker” Ezra Jax's music hit and he marched to the ring. Jax took a microphone and said that nobody wanted to celebrate with Davenport, much less the fans in the arena. Jax said that the only reason Davenport had the title was that his wife saved him from being beaten. From ringside, Todd Brown noted that Dakota put Elijah's foot on the ropes during a pinfall after a spear from Jax which looked like it would've ended the match. Jax said that he wanted his rematch next week, and the crowd exploded. Elijah said that, while he'd love to give Jax a shot at the title, he already had a number-one contender in “The Hunter” Chris Jackson, claiming that Jackson was preventing Jax getting a rematch. Suddenly, Jackson's music hit and he came to the stage with a microphone. Jackson said that Davenport was full of crap, adding, “If anything, I want to see you get your ass kicked, Elijah. And, sure, I'd love to be the one to do it. But since my title match is guaranteed either way, I'm happy to let Ezra have the first crack at you. So here's the deal: either you give Ezra his rematch, or I'll go to (HWE President) Oswald Chapman and have Ezra added to our title match. Your choice.” Davenport looked angry and said that if Jax wanted to get embarrassed again, he'd oblige with pleasure and accepted the challenge. Jackson congratulated Davenport on being a man, adding that he'd be in Jax's corner to stop Dakota interfering again. Jax then told Davenport that his title reign would end next week the way the match was meant to end on Sunday: with a spear. Davenport and Jax went nose-to-nose before Dakota got Jax's attention. With Jax distracted, Davenport blasted him with the microphone before going to town with right hands. Jackson ran to the ring and chased Elijah and Dakota off, before checking on Jax.

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During the break, Billie Romero approached HWE International Champion Elijah Davenport and his wife, Dakota, and asked if Davenport was concerned about Chris Jackson being in Ezra Jax's corner next week. Davenport scoffed and said that his father had taught him to always have an insurance policy, adding that if he needed it next week, it'd be there. Elijah and Dakota walked away before Romero could ask for more information.

The Cult (Jakob & Joseph, with Deelon Mack) defeated Cedric White & Evan Alexander in 10:34 by pinfall following The Initiation to Alexander, in the Semi-Finals of the HWE Tag Team Title Number-One Contenders Tournament. The Cult, directed by Mack, attacked White and Alexander before the match started. During the match, from ringside, Todd Brown noted that the winner of this match would face the winner of next week's second Semi-Final match between The Cosa Nostra and DISORDER in the Finals in two weeks on ShowDown. HWE Tag Team Champions Deep South Destruction were shown watching the match on a monitor backstage. After the match, Mack entered the ring and took a microphone. Mack said that tonight was the beginning and that his message would spread like a vine and envelop the entire world. Mack continued, “Brothers and sisters, the time has come. The choice is yours to make: join me now... or feel the wrath of my message when it's too late.” Mack laughed and The Cult left the ring.

Backstage, Vincent Crashman interviewed “The Outlier” Serena Bates about becoming number-one contender to the HWE Women's Championship at HWE WrestleTopia. Bates said that it was great to get a step closer to the title, but she knew there was a lot of work to do to take it from Harley Clay. Suddenly, Madison Hammer appeared and said that Bates shouldn't congratulate herself too much. She said that, while it looked like she submitted to the Serena Lock on Sunday, she was actually trying to find her earring which fell out mid-match. She continued, “So your big victory, the one that got you a title shot, was actually a blown call by an idiot referee.” Bates chuckled and said, “Well then I guess I'll have to make you tap out again tonight just to be sure. See you in the ring.” Bates then walked away, as Hammer scoffed.

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“The Outlier” Serena Bates defeated Madison Hammer in 7:29 by count-out when “The Brazilian Brawler” Livia stormed to the ring and chased Hammer to the back. From ringside, Todd Brown noted that Hammer cost Livia the HWE Women's Championship at HWE WrestleTopia by interfering just when it seemed Livia had the match and the title won. After the match, Bates celebrated until HWE Women's Champion Harley Clay's music hit. Clay came to the ring, took a microphone and congratulated Bates on earning a title shot, adding, “But this as far as your fairytale gets to go. You might be great at tapping out nobodies, but I'm not a nobody. I'm Harley Clay, the first ever HWE Women's Champion and you will not make me tap out. Do you hear me?.” Bates snatched the microphone and replied, “You got one thing right: you are the first HWE Women's Champion. But when we go one-on-one.. you will tap out.” Bates dropped the microphone and left the ring as Clay threw a fit, yelling that Bates would pay.

Backstage, a limousine pulled up and “The Embodiment of Excellence” Alfonso Silva stepped out. Vincent Crashman approached Silva and asked for his reaction to losing the HWE Championship to Corey Chambers on Sunday. Silva ignored Crashman, slammed the limousine door, and stormed into the arena.

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Ozerov defeated “The Trendsetter” Cody Olson in 8:55 by pinfall following The Excruciator. During the match, from ringside, Todd Brown noted that Ozerov competed in the HWE International Championship Number-One Contenders Six Pack Challenge at HWE WrestleTopia, but ended up in a brawl with “The Ice Man” Silas Sullivan which saw them leave the ring and fight to the back. Michael Sanders noted that it took twelve officials to eventually separate them. After the match, Ozerov celebrated until Silas Sullivan's music hit. Sullivan began making his way to the ring but Ozerov got out and met him on the stage. The brawl from Sunday continued as a dozen of officials filed out in an attempt to separate them.

Backstage, “The Embodiment of Excellence” Alfonso Silva was seen making his way towards the arena. From ringside, Todd Brown noted that coming up next, Silva would address his title loss at HWE WrestleTopia.

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“The Embodiment of Excellence” Alfonso Silva came to the ring and took a microphone. Each time Silva went to speak, the crowd broke out into a “Corey beat you!” chant, which only served to anger Silva further. Eventually, Silva became so furious that he began yelling at the crowd in Spanish. But they continued chanting until “The Infamous One” Connor Quinn's music hit. As Quinn came to the ring, from ringside, Todd Brown noted that Quinn lost a number-one contenders match to Kenny Kidd on Sunday and, like Silva, had been fuming all week. Quinn entered the ring and a stare down between Silva and Quinn ensued. They exchanged words away from the microphone, with Quinn doing most of the talking. Eventually, Silva nodded his head in agreement, and the two shook hands before leaving the ring together. Todd Brown pondered aloud what had been said between them, and Michael Sanders said, “They've obviously agreed to something, and I have a bad feeling about whatever it is.”

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Kaida Sano defeated Morgana Payne in 11:04 by pinfall following The Distresser. During the match, from ringside, Todd Brown and Michael Sanders discussed Sano's impressive performance in the HWE Women's Championship Number-One Contenders match on Sunday. After the match, Sano celebrated until “The Kyoto Crippler” Yuku Teshima appeared and attacked her. Teshima put the boots to Sano before blasting her with Blunt Force Trauma. Officials rushed out and pleaded with Teshima to stop her assault. She did leave the ring, but only to grab a steel chair. Bringing the chair into the ring, she folded it around Sano's elbow before climbing to the middle rope and jumping on the chair. While Sano screamed in agony, the officials berated Teshima, who had a sadistic smile on her face as she left the ring.

Backstage, Billie Romero interviewed “The Oklahoma Pitbull” Kenny Kidd about the contract signing with HWE Champion Corey Chambers tonight. Kidd said that he had a lot of respect for Chambers and was happy to see Chambers become HWE Champion on Sunday. “But I didn't come here to be happy for someone else, I came here to live my dream of becoming the HWE Champion. And tonight, I sign the contract which makes that possible.” The crowd cheered and Kidd walked away.

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Koji Goto (with DISORDER) defeated Aldo Rossi (with The Cosa Nostra) in 9:29 by pinfall, when Goto reversed a suplex, landing on Rossi, and Takara Hidaka and Toru Nagata held Rossi's feet down to prevent him kicking out. After the match, Lucky Lorenzo and Vito Moretti ran around the ring and attacked Hidaka and Nagata. Eventually, all six men ended up in a brawl inside the ring, which The Cosa Nostra got the upperhand in, throwing DISORDER from the ring. As Lorenzo, Moretti and Rossi demanded DISORDER come back for a fight, and DISORDER scarpered up the ring, from ringside, Todd Brown noted that the two teams would meet in a Semi-Final Tournament match next week on HWE ShowDown.

Backstage, Billie Romero approached HWE Champion Corey Chambers as he made his way towards the arena for the contract signing. Romero repeated Kenny Kidd's comments from earlier tonight, and Chambers said that he'd have it no other way. Chambers said that Kidd was an elite athlete who, more than any “Real Mexican Hero”, deserved a shot at the HWE Championship. He added that he'd bring everything he had to HWE Fallout, as he knew Kidd would, and walked away.

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HWE President Oswald Chapman was stood in the ring – which was furnished with a table, two chairs and a pen – for the contract signing. Chapman said, “On Sunday, we made history with HWE WrestleTopia. But we can't look back, we have to look to the future. On Sunday, February 24 at HWE Fallout, the HWE Championship will be defended when Corey Chambers goes one-on-one with Kenny Kidd!” Chapman called it a dream main event but said that before it was official, the contract must be signed and introduced HWE Champion Corey Chambers, who came to the ring to a massive ovation. Chapman then introduced “The Oklahoma Pitbull” Kenny Kidd. Kidd came out to an ovation as well, but as he got halfway down the ramp, his music stopped. A voice was heard and Kidd turned to see “The Infamous One” Connor Quinn on the HeadlineTron. Stood in the parking lot, Quinn claimed that Kidd robbed him of a shot at the HWE Championship on Sunday, and he'd promised to make Kidd suffer. He then revealed that he was stood next to Kidd's car and said, “I always keep my promises. I'm going to ruin your life, Kenny. And that starts with your car...” Quinn took a baseball bat and began smashing in the windows. Back in the arena, Kidd sprinted back up the ramp and the cameraman followed him through the building, eventually ending up in the parking lot. When Kidd got to his car the windows had been destroyed and Quinn was gone. Kidd surveyed the damage to his car until, suddenly, Quinn reappeared and attacked him. Quinn speared Kidd into the car, before ramming his head into the bonnet. He pulled Kidd onto the bonnet and hit a DDT, rendering Kidd motionless. Quinn spat on Kidd and walked away. Back in the ring, Chambers watched the HeadlineTron with disgust on his face when he was attacked by “The Embodiment of Excellence” Alfonso Silva. Silva put the boots to Chambers, who tried to fight back until he was knee'd in the face by Silva. Silva then picked Chambers up and powerbombed him through the table. Chapman yelled at Silva, who ignored him and left the ring. Halfway up the ramp, though, Silva decided he wasn't finished and came back for more. He applied the sharpshooter to Chambers, who writhed in agony, as referees filed out to get him to break the hold. Silva screamed, wrenching at Chambers' knee, as the fans booed and the show went off the air.

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