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HWE ShowDown Results, Feb. 13, 2019: Cosa Nostra help Chambers and Kidd even the odds in 4-on-2 assault

HWE ShowDown Results for Feb. 13, 2019, LIVE! from the HWE Arena in Brooklyn, N.Y.

From ringside, Todd Brown and Michael Sanders welcomed everyone to HWE ShowDown as “Broken Generation” by Of Mice and Men played and the camera panned across sections of cheering fans. They discussed last week, in which after alleging a conspiracy against them by HWE management, Alfonso Silva and Connor Quinn found out they'd be facing HWE Champion Corey Chambers and Kenny Kidd, who they'd sent to hospital with another attack earlier in the night, at HWE Fallout. Brown noted that tonight, Silva and Quinn would face Cedric White and Evan Alexander, while Chambers and Kidd took on HWE Tag Team Champions Deep South Destruction.

Alfonso Silva and Connor Quinn came to the ring and took microphones. Silva talked about HWE management trying to shut them down after they “lifted the lid” on “the great conspiracy” last week. He mentioned that nobody did anything when they were robbed at HWE WrestleTopia by Corey Chambers and Kenny Kidd, adding that the HWE Championship should still be his and Quinn should be the number-one contender. Quinn said that the reason HWE President Oswald Chapman tweeted about them so quickly after what they said last week was because he knew he was was being exposed. “Ol' Ozzy has his vision for this company, and that vision has Corey Chambers and Kenny Kidd as the faces of HWE. We're not part of that vision. Well, we weren't. But then we made sure they couldn't ignore us like they tried to. They couldn't have their little fantasy match at Fallout like they wanted to. We will not be ignored. Not by anyone.” As the crowd booed, Quinn continued, “And we know that Ozzy, like all of you, thinks that Corey and Kenny are gonna be the fairytale heroes who make the bad men shut up at Fallout. And, while yes, we are bad men, this is no fairytale. At Fallout, you're gonna watch us demolish your heroes. Ozzy will watch his vision crumble before his eyes. An' everyone who ignored us will have to deal with us. Like it or not, when we're done with Corey and Kenny at Fallout, we'll be all you have left.” Suddenly, Cedric White and Evan Alexander's music hit and they came to the stage with microphones. Alexander said that they'd had enough of listening to Silva and Quinn's crap, and White added that they weren't the victims of a conspiracy, but they would be the victims of an ass kicking. The fans cheered, as White and Alexander began down the ramp and the show crashed to commercial.

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“The Embodiment of Excellence” Alfonso Silva & “The Infamous One” Connor Quinn defeated Cedric White & Evan Alexander in 13:08 by submission when Alexander submitted to Silva's sharpshooter. Towards the end, Quinn broke up White's pinfall, prompting Alexander to enter the ring and clothesline Quinn over the top rope. White officially tagged Alexander, who got on his shoulders for the splash, but Quinn pulled White's legs and yanked him from the ring. Alexander landed on his feet but twisted his knee, allowing Silva to lock in the sharpshooter for the submission. After the match, Silva kept the hold applied despite the bell ringing. White knocked Quinn down outside and cam to save Alexander. But, as White unloaded a flurry of right hands on Silva, Quinn hit White in the back with a chair. The fans booed as Silva and Quinn put the boots to White, until HWE Champion Corey Chambers and Kenny Kidd appeared. Chambers and Kidd hit the ring and picked Silva and Quinn off of White, Chambers taking Silva as Kidd went for Quinn. Kidd knocked Quinn down and he slid under the bottom rope. Chambers was about to go for the Corey Cutter on Silva, but Quinn pulled Silva from the ring and they backed off up the ramp together as Chambers and Kidd seethed in the ring.

Backstage, Billie Romero interviewed “The Outlier” Serena Bates. Romero mentioned HWE Women's Champion Harley Clay attacking Morgana Payne last week - after Bates had submitted Payne with the Serena Lock – and putting her in Clay's own version of the hold. Romero asked if Bates had been thrown off by Clay's antics with their title match set for HWE Fallout. Bates said, “Clearly, Harley's good at mind games. She wants me to believe she won't submit to the Serena Lock at Fallout, and she wants me to know that she's unlike anyone I've ever faced before. Well, I don't play mind games, what you see it what you get. Harley may be unlike anyone I've ever faced, but I'm The Outlier. I'm the toughest bitch you'll ever meet in your life, and I don't make empty promises. So when I say that Harley Clay will tap out at Fallout, you can bank on it.” Bates walked away as the crowd cheered.

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Ozerov defeated Orlando Young in 4:39 by pinfall following the Excruciator. After the match, Vincent Crashman entered the ring with a microphone and replayed “The Ice Man” Silas Sullivan's comments from last week, in which he compared himself and Ozerov to raging bulls, but said that there was only turf enough for one of them and vowed to put Ozerov on ice. Ozerov said that after Sullivan sucker punched him last week, the only bull Sullivan resembled was a castrated one. Ozerov said that if Sullivan wanted to find out who was dominant, he'd fight Ozerov at HWE Fallout. Suddenly, Sullivan appeared behind Ozerov and attacked him, hitting him with The Icepick. Sullivan then snatched Crashman's microphone, accepted the challenge, and promised to send Ozerov back to Russia at Fallout.

Backstage, Billie Romero interviewed HWE Tag Team Champions Deep South Destruction (Jake Tarver and Johnny Fury) about the Finals of the Contenders Tournament between The Cosa Nostra and The Cult tonight. Tarver said that they didn't care who won, they just wanted a fight. Fury said that the outcome at Fallout would be the same as it would be in their match against HWE Champion Corey Chambers and Kenny Kidd tonight – they'd leave victorious.

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From ringside, Todd Brown and Michael Sanders discussed the HWE Tag Team Title Contenders Tournament before reviewing footage of the Semi-Finals over the last two weeks on ShowDown: First, The Cult beat Cedric White and Evan Alexander to advance to the Finals, and then last week, The Cosa Nostra overcame DISORDER to earn their place. Brown noted that the winners of the Finals would challenge HWE Tag Team Champions Deep South Destruction at HWE Fallout.

The Cosa Nostra (Vito Moretti and Aldo Rossi, with Lucky Lorenzo) vs. The Cult (Jakob and Joseph, with Deelon Mack) in 16:01 by pinfall following Omerta to Joseph in the Finals of the HWE Tag Team Title Contenders Tournament. Towards the end, Rossi had Joseph covered when Mack got on the apron to distract the referee. Lorenzo ran around the ring, pulled Mack down and threw him into the barricade. Back in the ring, Jakob attacked Rossi until Moretti came to the aid of his partner, tossing Jakob from the ring before he and Rossi hit Joseph with Omerta for the pinfall and the win. After the match, The Cosa Nostra celebrated until HWE Tag Team Champions Deep South Destruction hit the ring and attacked them. They threw Rossi out and knocked Lorenzo down, before clotheslining Moretti over the top rope. Finally, they turned back to Lorenzo and planted him with Baldwin Blues before leaving the ring to boos.

Backstage, “The Hunter” Chris Jackson approached “The Groundbreaker” Ezra Jax, who was sat in silence in the locker room. Jackson said that he'd come to apologize. He said he was trying to help Jax get a fair rematch for the HWE International Championship last week but admitted he screwed up. When Jax didn't answer, Jackson continued, “So, look, I've invoked my match against Elijah Davenport at Fallout. Now, I know you have no reason to help me after last week. And I'll go it alone, but with that big oaf in his corner and that little gold-digger on his arm, I don't stand much chance by myself. And I know you want that Title away from him like I do, so I'm asking you to be in my corner at Fallout. I need you, man. And, look, to make it up to you, when I become International Champion, you'll be the first one to get a title shot.” When Jax remained silent, Jackson sighed, told him to think about it and left.

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Dakota Davenport was in the ring with a microphone and introduced her husband, HWE International Champion Elijah Davenport. As Davenport came to the ring, from ringside, Todd Brown noted that Davenport still had that title because of his wife and the monstrous man who helped him defeat Ezra Jax last week. Michael Sanders told Brown not to forget Chris Jackson letting his temper get the better of him and causing a distraction so that said interference could happen. Davenport came to the ring, kissed his wife and took the microphone. He said, “It's glorious when a plan comes together. Last week, I proved that I am always the smartest guy in the room. But, I also proved that I'm the bravest. You see, not only had I been coerced into giving Ezra Jax an undeserved title shot, but I went into that match knowing a maniac, Chris Jackson, was stood at ringside. That maniac was watching my wife to make sure she didn't interfere – as if she would – and waiting for a chance to attack me. And what did I do? What did I do to remain YOUR International Champion? I risked my life. I spat in Chris Jackson's face because I knew he couldn't help himself, I knew his temper would get the better of him. And it did, and when it did, the plan came together. I said I had an insurance policy, and if I needed to use it, I would. And I knew none of you would mind because you want me to be your International Champion!” The crowd booed heavily, but Davenport continued. “So, let me introduce you to that insurance policy. The man who ensured justice was served last week, who insured The Crown Prince remained your champion. From Inverness, Scotland, 'The Loch Ness Mauler' Brodie Wolfe!” Wolfe made his way to the ring to heavy boos and stood behind the Davenports. Elijah said, “When I saw this man tearing the heads off of poor losers in rings in Scotland, I had my father get out his cheque book and hire him as my private bodyguard. He ensured that Chris Jackson didn't cost me the International Championship last week, and he'll be by my side to make sure that the Davenport Dynasty remains in tact at Fallout.” The fans booed again, until “The Hunter” Chris Jackson's music hit and Jackson came to the ring with a microphone. Jackson congratulated Davenport on finding someone who didn't want to rip his head off, adding, “But even that meat mountain won't stop what happens at Fallout. When I get you in the middle of this ring and lock in the Hunter's Curse, your little dynasty will fall and I'll take the HWE International Championship.” As the crowd cheered, Davenport began looking behind Jackson and said, “You know, it's funny. I don't see your friend, Ezra Jax, out here. Why is that? Oh, that's right, he's not by your side because he knows that you cost him his International Title shot. You fell victim to your own temper and lost your backup because I'm smart enough to push your buttons. I'm smarter than you, Chris, and I'll prove it again when I defend my title against you at Fallout... that is, if you make it to Fallout.” Davenport stepped aside and Wolfe booted Jackson in the face. He picked Jackson up and hit him with the Uranage, and as the fans chanted for Ezra Jax, Davenport told Wolfe to hold Jackson. On the HeadlineTron, Ezra Jax was seen watching the events on a monitor. When Jax rose from his seat, the fans began cheering and Davenport looked nervous in the ring. But, when Jax picked up his bags and left the room, Davenport smiled. Davenport grabbed Jackson's face and said he'd never take the title, before DDT'ing him onto the it. Elijah, Dakota and Wolfe stood tall as the fans booed heavily.

Backstage, Alfonso Silva and Connor Quinn approached HWE Tag Team Champions Deep South Destruction and asked if they could talk. Hesitantly, Tarver and Fury agreed and they walked away together.

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HWE Women's Champion Harley Clay defeated Miss Nicole in 8:50 by submission in a non-title match. Before the match, “The Outlier” Serena Bates came to ringside and sat on a chair to observe the match. Towards the end, Clay set up for Exquisite Trauma but stopped and looked at Bates, before grabbing Nicole's ankle and, again, applying her own version of the Serena Lock while staring at Bates. Nicole submitted and the referee called for the bell, but Clay held on. Bates shot into the ring, at which point Clay released the hold, and they went nose to nose, exchanging words. After a moment, Clay pulled her fist back and Bates flinched, ready to fight, but Clay simply smiled, grabbed her title and blew Bates a kiss as she left the ring. Bates stood at the ropes, a little bewildered as Clay walked up the ramp.

Backstage, Vincent Crashman interviewed “The Brazilian Brawler” Livia, wanting her response to Madison Hammer's comments from last week that Livia wasn't a “real woman” and that Hammer put her in place at HWE WrestleTopia. Livia called Hammer a disgrace to real women everywhere, and said that if Hammer wanted to prove she was a real woman, she'd meet Livia in the ring at HWE Fallout. Suddenly, Hammer attacked Livia from behind, slamming her a production crate. As Livia crumbled to the ground, Hammer leaned over her, accepted the challenge and walked away.

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From ringside, Todd Brown and Michael Sanders reviewed footage from last week, where Sidney Kay stepped to “The Kyoto Crippler” Yuku Teshima, upset at Teshima injuring Kaida Sano the week before and ready to fight Teshima. Teshima would lay Kay her out with Blunt Force Trauma, prompting Kay to challenge for a match tonight. Kay's music hit and she began making her way down the ramp, but suddenly was attacked from behind by Teshima. Teshima kicked Kay down the ramp, before dragging her up, ramming her head-first into the steps and tossing her into the ring. Teshima then stalked around the ring, grabbed a steel chair, slid it into the ring and followed it in. Kay tried to get up, but Teshima booted her in the head and wrapped the chair around her ankle before climbing to the middle rope. Todd Brown noted that Teshima did this to Kaida Sano's ankle two weeks ago and called for someone to do something. Teshima screamed, but before she could jump, Kaida Sano's music hit. The crowd exploded as Sano came out, her elbow bandaged, and ran down to the ring. Teshima attacked her as she slid in, but Sano battled back and eventually dropkicked Teshima, who fell through the ropes to the floor. As Teshima got her bearings on the outside, officials ran out to prevent the situation devolving further, and keep them apart. But back in the ring, Sano had climbed to the top rope and leapt onto Teshima and the officials, knocking everyone down. She pummelled Teshima with right hands, before Teshima brought a knee up, striking Sano's damaged elbow. In pain, Sano rolled off of Teshima, who backtracked up the ramp. Sano re-entered the ring, took a microphone and, in broken English, challenged Teshima to a match at HWE Fallout. On the ramp, Teshima nodded before screaming at Sano in Japanese.

Backstage, Billie Romero interviewed HWE Champion Corey Chambers and “The Oklahoma Pitbull” Kenny Kidd. Kidd said that Alfonso Silva and Connor Quinn's time was running out, adding “You got two sneak attacks, but that's all you're getting. We're wise to your games, boys. We're onto you, and we're coming for your asses.” Chambers added, “Alfonso Silva and Connor Quinn can crow about conspiracies. They can say we robbed 'em at WrestleTopia if it helps them sleep at night. They can attack us from behind, send us to hospital. And they can run away like they did tonight. But, you can only run so far, boys. Because Fallout is coming, and we're coming for you. ” The crowd cheered as Chambers and Kidd walked away.

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HWE Champion Corey Chambers and “The Oklahoma Pitbull” Kenny Kidd defeated HWE Tag Team Champions Deep South Destruction (Jake Tarver and Johnny Fury) in 17:26 by disqualification when Alfonso Silva and Connor Quinn interfered, attacking Chambers and Kidd. After the match, despite initially seeming annoyed at being cost the match, Deep South Destruction smiled and shook hands with Silva and Quinn before the four began beating on Chambers and Kidd. From ringside, Michael Sanders noted that this must have been what Silva and Quinn wanted to talk about earlier tonight. Brown said that, clearly, Silva and Quinn wanted to weaken their opponents at Fallout and had hired the Tag Team Champions to help with that. As Tarver held Kidd as Quinn punched him repeatedly, Fury stomped at Chambers who was locked in Silva's sharpshooter. Suddenly, though, The Cosa Nostra hit the ring and the crowd exploded. Moretti, Rossi and Lorenzo helped Kidd and Chambers fight back and eventually they cleared the ring and stood tall as Silva, Quinn, and Deep South Destruction regrouped on the ramp.

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