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HWE ShowDown Results, Feb. 6, 2019: Chambers and Kidd seek revenge on Quinn and Silva

HWE ShowDown Results for Feb. 6, 2019, LIVE! from the HWE Arena in Brooklyn, N.Y.

From ringside, Todd Brown and Michael Sanders welcomed everyone to HWE ShowDown as “Broken Generation” by Of Mice and Men played and the camera panned across sections of cheering fans. They discussed the conclusion of last week's HWE ShowDown in which Alfonso Silva and Connor Quinn laid waste to HWE Champion Corey Chambers and Kenny Kidd moments before they were to sign the contract for their Title match at HWE Fallout. Kidd was DDT'd onto his own car, which Quinn had smashed with a baseball bat, while Chambers was subjected to Silva's sharpshooter as the show closed.

“The Oklahoma Pitbull” Kenny Kidd's music hit and he came to the stage to an ovation, before HWE Champion Corey Chambers' music hit and the crowd exploded as they walked to the ring together, taking a microphone each. Kidd said that everybody knew what happened last week. He said that although they'd heard that Quinn and Silva were going to explain themselves tonight, they weren't interested. Chambers said, “We didn't come here to listen, we came here to fight. So Silva, Quinn, get your asses out here and take the whooping you've had coming to you all week.” Chambers and Kidd dropped their microphones and readied to fight, but nothing happened. Chambers picked up his microphone again and threatened that if Silva and Quinn wouldn't come and fight them, he and Kidd would hunt them down. With nobody appearing, Chambers and Kidd left the ring and began up the entrance ramp when, out of nowhere, Silva and Quinn appeared from the sides of the ramp and Silva attacked Chambers while Quinn jumped Kidd. Silva rammed Chambers head-first into one of the video walls which comprised the entrance, and Chambers fell backwards, unconscious. On the other side of the stage, Kidd was trying to mount a comeback but Quinn knee'd him in the gut and DDT'd him on the ramp. From ringside, Todd Brown pointed out that it was just a week ago that Kidd was DDT'd onto his own car. Quinn picked a lifeless Kidd up and ran him off the stage sending Kidd crashing through a table. As Silva and Quinn stood tall on the ramp and the fans booed them heavily, officials ran out to check on both Chambers and Kidd.

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During the break, medical officials brought out stretchers for Corey Chambers and Kenny Kidd and stretchered them out of the arena as the fans watched on in concerned silence. At ringside Todd Brown noted that Silva and Quinn were due for an in-ring interview with Vincent Crashman tonight, but wasn't sure anyone wanted to see them again tonight after another heinous assault.

“The Ice Man” Silas Sullivan defeated “The New Enigma” Noah Prince in 7:55 by pinfall following the Icepick. During the match, from ringside, Todd Brown and Michael Sanders discussed the rivalry developing between Sullivan and Ozerov, which has seen two pull-apart brawls. After the match, Michael Sanders entered the ring and asked Sullivan what his problem with Ozerov was. Sullivan compared himself and Ozerov to raging bulls, but said that there was only room for one bull in HWE. He added that, while Ozerov had put up a good fight until now, in the end he'd go where everyone else who crossed Sullivan did: “on ice.” Suddenly, Ozerov's music hit and he came to the ring and went nose-to-nose. Sullivan smiled, and seemed to back down, before sucker punching Ozerov and blasting him with the Icepick.

Backstage, Billie Romero approached HWE President Oswald Chapman and asked what he planned to do in response to another heinous assault on Corey Chambers and Kenny Kidd by Alfonso Silva and Connor Quinn. Chapman said that his primary concern right now was getting a medical update on Chambers and Kidd, adding that they'd been taken to hospital for examination and he was waiting on a phone call.

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The Cosa Nostra (Lucky Lorenzo and Vito Moretti, with Aldo Rossi) defeated DISORDER (Takara Hidaka and Toru Nagata, with Koji Goto) in 10:43 by pinfall, following Omerta to Nagata, to advance to the Finals of the HWE Tag Team Championship Contenders Tournament. During the match, from ringside, Todd Brown noted that Deelon Mack's faction The Cult advanced to the Finals last week with a victory over Cedric White and Evan Alexander, and would meet the winners of this match next week. HWE Tag Team Champions Deep South Destruction were seen watching the match on a monitor in the locker room. After the match, Michael Sanders entered the ring with a microphone and asked Lorenzo about facing The Cult in the Tournament Finals next week. Lorenzo said, “Y'know, as I look around the tag team division, I see a lot of different relationships. Brothers. Childhood friends. Two men, like (current champions) Deep South Destruction, who's bond is as simple as a mutual enjoyment of hurtin' people. So, what about us? What about The Cosa Nostra? What's our bond? We're not blood relations and we didn't run around in diapers together, but this group's blood line goes back generations. Our ancestors, our namesake, were men who fought and died because they believed in a cause. A brotherhood who stood side-by-side. Men who'd die to protect the one standing next to them. You may not have liked what they did, or how they did it, but you gotta respect a man who fights for a cause. We're brothers, not blood or circumstance but by choice. Brothers who live and die together. We fight for a cause, and right now our cause is the HWE Tag Team Championships. And next week, our cause will rip straight through The Cult's church.” The crowd cheered as Lorenzo, Moretti and Rossi began celebrating. Suddenly, the lights went out and The Cult (Deelon Mack, Jakob, and Joseph) appeared on the HeadlineTron. Mack commended Lorenzo on his speech and said, “You may not like to admit it, brother Lorenzo, but our groups aren't so different. See, my brothers believe in a cause, too. They follow my lead because they know I'll take them to the promised land. Next week, brother Lorenzo, brother Moretti, brother Rossi, you'll feel the power of my message. And maybe then, brother Lorenzo, you'll find out what happens to your so-called brotherhood when your leadership fails and your men realise that you're just a man. But there's where we're different. Because I'm no man. And next week, brothers Cosa Nostra... you'll understand.” Mack laughed, before the feed cut and the lights came back up.

Backstage, Billie Romero interviewed HWE Women's Champion Harley Clay. Romero brought up Clay defiantly telling her number-one contender, Serena Bates, that she wouldn't submit to the Serena Lock last week, but asked what would happen if she did. Clay looked at Romero and said, “What's that s'posed to mean? You think I'm gonna tap out? It's like I told little Serena last week, I'm not like these other nobodies she taps out. Serena Bates has no idea what she's dealing with, and tonight, I'll prove it.” Clay smiled, snapped her bubble gum at Romero, and walked away.

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“The Outlier” Serena Bates defeated Morgana Payne by submission in 11:32 when Payne submitted to the Serena Lock. After the match, Bates celebrated until HWE Women's Champion Harley Clay's music hit and she came to the ring. Clay went face-to-face with Bates but, just as it seemed the two would come to blows, Clay blasted Payne - who had just returned to her feet - with Exquisite Trauma. Clay looked at Bates, who was clearly stunned, before grabbing Payne's leg and applying her own version of the Serena Lock. As Payne hit the mat frantically, Clay kept her eyes fixed on Bates. Eventually, Bates pulled Clay off of Payne and the two went nose-to-nose once more. Clay smiled at Bates and left the ring without saying a word. From ringside, Todd Brown called it a “disturbing display”, adding that Bates clearly didn't know what to make of it. Michael Sanders replied, “I think that was the effect Harley Clay was going for.”

Backstage, Dakota Davenport entered her husband, HWE International Champion Elijah Davenport's locker room and asked if he was ready. Davenport said, “You know I'm ready, baby, but is our... 'insurance policy' ready?” Dakota said, “Like a bull ready to spear a matador.” Elijah smiled, asked Dakota to help him strap the title around his waist and she did. They kissed passionately and left the room together.

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HWE International Champion Elijah Davenport (with Dakota Davenport) defeated “The Groundbreaker” Ezra Jax (with “The Hunter” Chris Jackson) in 24:06 by pinfall to retain the HWE International Championship. During the match, from ringside, Todd Brown noted that this was a rematch from HWE WrestleTopia, where Dakota helped her husband win the title from Jax. When it seemed Davenport wouldn't agree to a rematch last week, Jackson – the rightful number-one contender – ensured Jax got his rematch tonight. Towards the end, Jax was setting up for the spear when Dakota pulled Elijah from the ring. Jackson came around the ring and threw Elijah back in, before having words with Dakota. Back in the ring, Jax wanted to get at Elijah but the referee made him back up. When Elijah got to his feet, he leaned over the ropes and spat at Jackson. Enraged, jumped in to attack Elijah but the referee stopped him. Dealing with Jackson, the referee missed Jax's spear on Davenport and subsequent cover, which Jackson tried to make him aware of. Out of nowhere, a monstrous man entered the ring, picked Jax off of Davenport and blasted him with a Uranage. He draped Davenport's arm over Jax, left the ring, ran to the other side and pulled Jackson out by his legs before clotheslining him. In the ring, the referee spotted the cover and counted to three. After the match, as the man helped Dakota retrieve Elijah, Todd Brown questioned who he was. Michael Sanders replied that he must be the “insurance policy” Davenport was talking about. With Davenport and company gone, Jackson re-entered the ring to help Jax to his feet, but Jax pushed him away. The two exchanged words, before Jax stormed from the ring, leaving Jackson bemused.

Backstage, Billie Romero interviewed Madison Hammer, and asked why she was fixated with “The Brazilian Brawler” Livia, noting that Hammer interfered in Livia's title match against HWE Women's Champion Harley Clay at WrestleTopia. Hammer said, “Let's get this straight: Livia disrespected me at WrestleTopia, not the other way around. She stepped to me as if she has any right to even speak to me. You see, unlike Livia, I'm a real woman. I'm beautiful, smart, and cunning. I'm not some Brazilian thug who thinks kicking people in the face is acceptable behaviour. What I did at WrestleTopia was simply putting Livia in her place and showing her what a real woman looks like.” Hammer smiled until, suddenly, Livia appeared and attacked her. The two brawled for a moment before officials stormed in and pulled Livia off of Hammer, reminding her she had a match next, as Hammer ran away.

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“The Kyoto Crippler” Yuku Teshima defeated “The Brazilian Brawler” Livia in 6:37 by pinfall following Blunt Force Trauma, after Madison Hammer appeared and distracted Livia from ringside, allowing Teshima to take advantage. During the match, from ringside, Todd Brown and Michael Sanders discussed Teshima attacking Kaida Sano last week and the devastating assault on Sano's elbow with a chair which followed. Brown noted that Sano wasn't there, and was due to see doctors for an evaluation on her elbow. After the match, Teshima took a microphone and, in broken English, explained that she was about to become number-one contender to the HWE Women's Championship at WrestleTopia when Kaida Sano dropped an elbow on her pin attempt. She said that last week was simply about sending Sano a message to keep her elbow out of Teshima's business. “It's my destiny to become Women's Champion. Kaida Sano, last week you suffered the consequences of getting in the way of my destiny, just like anyone else who crosses The Kyoto Crippler will.” Teshima smiled when, suddenly, Sidney Kay's music hit. Kay came to the ring, took a microphone and went nose-to-nose with Teshima, saying, “Kaida Sano isn't here tonight, but I am. And my back's not turned like Kaida's was, I'm looking you right in the eye. So, why don't you try and do that to me tonight?” The crowd cheered as Teshima smiled. Just as it seemed the fight would happen, Teshima stepped back before blasting Kay with a vicious gut kick and hitting her with Blunt Force Trauma.

Backstage, “The Embodiment of Excellence” Alfonso Silva and “The Infamous One” Connor Quinn were shown making their way through the arena for their interview.

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Vincent Crashman was stood in the ring with a microphone and introduced Alfonso Silva and Connor Quinn, who came to the ring to heavy boos. Crashman brought up the two consecutive vile attacks on HWE Champion Corey Chambers and Kenny Kidd and asked what their problem was. Quinn smirked and said, “Oh, what, now you all wanna talk about us? Because last week you all didn't care about us. You were too busy salivating over some so-called dream match... and what happened to that?” Silva said that while everyone was celebrating Corey Chambers becoming HWE Champion, and his match with Kenny Kidd at HWE Fallout, the facts were being ignored. Silva claimed that Kidd stole Quinn's spot as number-one contender and Chambers stole the HWE Championship from him. Quinn then said, “Any idiot with half a brain has worked out that we were angry after losing at WrestleTopia, so the real question is why did we join forces? It would've been easy to seek revenge separately, right? But, you see, I did a lot of thinking after WrestleTopia and I came to the realization that Alfonso and I are the victims of the same conspiracy. HWE management showed their hand last week. They showed who they see as the faces of this company when they put the entire machine behind Corey Chambers versus Kenny Kidd. No mention of a rematch for Alfonso. No mention of Connor Quinn. It was made plain that the people in charge of this company see Corey Chambers and Kenny Kidd as the faces of HWE. But, that's not the truth. That's an illusion. The real faces of HWE are the two men in this ring right now. So, instead of getting revenge separately, we came together and shattered the illusion this company wants to portray. We pulverised the corporately selected faces. You people call Corey Chambers and Kenny Kidd your heroes, but have you ever wondered why? I'll tell you why: you're sheep being led by the nose by this company. Last week, we proved that your so-called heroes are nothin' when they're put up against real men like Alfonso Silva and Connor Quinn. What happened last week, and what happened earlier tonight, was simple business. Like a dog in the park, we simply marked our territory. So, I've got some bad news for ya: Corey Chambers versus Kenny Kidd won't be happenin' at Fallout. I said last week that I was gonna make Kenny Kidd's life miserable, and I'll do that by making sure he never gets that title shot. And since my friend Alfonso has eliminated our so-called HWE Champion as well, here's what's gonna happen at Fallout: Alfonso Silva versus Connor Quinn to crown the rightful HWE Champion!” Quinn and Silva both laughed, before HWE President Oswald Chapman came to the stage with a microphone. Chapman said, “First of all, Connor, you two don't make matches around here. Now, I don't know what show you were part of, but Corey Chambers and Kenny Kidd didn't steal anything at WrestleTopia...” Quinn interrupted, “Oh, here we go.  You can't have anyone telling the truth about your boys, can ya, Ozzy? You're out here to censor us because you know we're right and you know that we know the conspiracy starts at the top.” Chapman scoffed and said, “There's no conspiracy against either of you. You lost, deal with it. But one thing you said just now was true: Corey Chambers won't be facing Kenny Kidd at HWE Fallout on February 24, and I'll tell you why. You see, I was ready to come out here and punish you two for your disgusting actions, but then I got a phone call from the hospital. A phone call from Corey Chambers and Kenny Kidd. They're doing okay, but they wanted to talk to me. They wanted to inform me that they're postponing their title match. But, they did ask me to do them a favour. A match. And I agreed. So, At HWE Fallout, it'll be Alfonso Silva and Connor Quinn against HWE Champion Corey Chambers and Kenny Kidd!” The crowd exploded, as Silva said, “That's fine by us. You tell your lapdogs that at Fallout, we're gonna finish what we started last week.” Chapman said, “Why don't you tell them yourselves...” Chapman stepped aside and, as he did, HWE Champion Corey Chambers and Kenny Kidd stormed out from the back. The fans exploded as Chambers and Kidd made a beeline for the ring. From ringside, Todd Brown exclaimed, “Oh my god, they're back! Even a visit to the hospital won't stop Corey Chambers and Kenny Kidd coming to come get them some!” Chambers and Kidd hit the ring but, as they did, Silva and Quinn made a hasty retreat, through the crowd and into the stands. Chambers and Kidd stood tall in the ring, beckoning them to come back and fight as Silva and Quinn looked nervous in the stands and the crowd was erupting with cheers.

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